Do I need a certain amount of money to get started investing?  Does Grey Oak Investments have a minimum?

The correct answer is NO.  There are a lot of firms out there that think you must have a million dollars before you are worth their time and Grey Oak is not one of those.  We believe anyone that has the desire to better their financial position is worthy of our time.

Is there a fee to get professional financial advice regardless if I do business with Grey Oak Investments or not?

Again, everyone regardless of financial situation deserves and needs someone to talk to about whatever it is that is going on with their lives.  We give free consultations regardless of whether business is written or not.

How does Grey Oak Investments make their money then?

We are a transaction type company.  If you buy life insurance, their are fees built into the product.  Basically the products that you may decide to buy have wide ranging fees depending on what you are buying and how much you are buying. The biggest misconception if you are charged regardless and that is not true.

Can you deal with clients in Oregon, Florida, Massachussets?

We can deal with anyone that needs financial assistance and guidance in the United States.  Royal Alliance is able to business everywhere and if asked, we will get licensed anywhere we are needed.

Why Royal Alliance?

Why not?  Royal Alliance is a divsion of AIG which means you get the benefit of the big company while being allowed to function as a small one.  Just what we like.  Power of a big company with the ability to feel like a small one!